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Extraction of Entities

Understanding the meaning of a word is easy. It's in the dictionary, ever since. Understanding the meaning of a word in a context is not so simple. It depends on innumerable variables that only the human mind or a very well-trained artificial intelligence can understand. Well, you got it, we trained a neural network to do that and we trained it with the details, because they make all the difference!

What can you do

When you send a text sentence to our API, our exclusive engine - menx ™ analyzes the relationship between the words, the actions involved and who the actors are. The meaning of each word is defined in context and in this way we can distinguish whether the word is related to a PERSON, a COMPANY, a PLACE or a DATE.

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In practice

Extraction and Identification of entities is a new feature that has been gaining usefulness in solutions that seek to optimize, through artificial intelligence, traditional applications.

Brand Monitoring

Analyzing thousands of news, every day, to know if you are talking good or bad about your company or your customers can be an easy task when one can extract the entities of the text accurately.

Imagine understanding the entity and analyzing the feeling associated with it? Yes, we can do this by analyzing the feeling associated with each entity distinctly.

That way, to know that a technology news that speaks well of Apple and Samsung evil, for example, was a task for humans, with GOT IT is no longer.

Document Indexing

Google is the best search engine because you understand what you're looking for right? Many companies still use keywords to search information in thousands of documents, on the computer, on the same intranet on the internet.

When you extract entities from a document and use these entities as a keyword or filter, you improve the accuracy of upcoming queries in your legacy system as well as implement intelligence and efficiency in many phases of administrative processes.

Specific Entities

Sometimes you want to recognize multiple entities specific to your business and for that you need to parameterize a set of words and categories to be identified in the text.

In GOT IT, you can do this. Contact us to understand your demand and provide a special key for extraction of Special Entities.

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