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Machine Translation

OK! There are hundreds of Machine Learning translators around the world. Open source projects like NMT from MIT have been very successful in converting the method used so far and initiatives and studies to improve machine translation have multiplied the world out. We understand this is very good! It allowed us to rise on the shoulders of giants! But we have discovered a secret in all this. As always, he - the data! Only GOT IT has menx ™, a refined semantics that allows you to classify and standardize incoming data with unprecedented quality.


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Up to 3 million characters FREE
From 0 up to 250 million characters $8.00 USD /million characters
From 250 million up to 1 billion characters $6.00 USD /million characters
From 1 billion up to 10 billion characters $4.00 USD /million characters
From 10 billion characters $3.00 USD /million characters

How it works

Menx™ analyzes the sentences in order to find out which ones should be part of the training dataset, excluding those that can cause noise and end up skewing the correct activation of the neurons. Oops, it's getting a bit technical, okay, let's ease; what matters is that we can train a Neural Network with unique quality and the result is not humble is that we have the best Machine Translator in the world! The best of everything? In addition to the Restful API, we put all this technology into an Appliance so you can implement cutting-edge translation on your intranet.

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Team Performance

Global communication requires speed and response. Emails, Social Network Messages and Answer Tickets need objectivity and quality in communication. Raising the level of machine translation allowed technicians who were technically increasingly demanding, instead of communicating in the language other than the motherland, to review written communication, increasing executive team and customer service performance.

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